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Hep Cats' Instructors

Andrea (Andie) Gill
Instructor, Workshops Coordinator, and Hep Cats founding member


After a few workshops in Hilo with visiting swing instructors in 2000 and 2001, Andie was having tons of fun Lindyhopping...but there was a small problem--no regular swing dancing in Hilo!  The best solution was to establish the Hilo Hep Cats, along with co-founders Rachel Klein and Shane Stafford.  Since then, Andie has brought respected international instructors in Lindy, Balboa, Blues, Charleston and other swing styles to Hilo and continues to dance, perform and teach with the Hep Cats.   She is also fond of hiking and swimming under waterfalls.

Angela Beck


Angela brings athleticism, energy and musicality to all the classes she teaches.  When not dancing, she likes to geek out on Hawaiian rainforest birds and other endemic biota.

Catherine Ishida & Michael Connelley


Cat and Mike are particularly fond of Balboa and you will always find them on the dance floor when the music gets fast.  They have been known to travel to remote locations in search of eclipses and auroras.

Andolie Marten


Passionate about many dance forms, Andolie has taught tango and cross-step waltz in addition to the Hep Cats' curricula.  She escapes into the dance nirvana of Portland, OR, every summer to immerse herself in their eclectic scene.

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