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For this session, we are offering "outside" classes in a private, covered pavilion in Hilo with a smooth dance floor. (Well, it does have a couple of wrinkles, but it's more forgiving than the concrete we've been using.)  Please wear clean dance shoes (not street shoes) or socks.  Beginners welcome. No partners needed; we rotate.

Masks recommended. Class size limited.

Please pre-register by email here.

The cost is $35 if you pre-pay for all 4 sessions; payment accepted at the first class.

Drop-ins are $15 and only available for the first 2 weeks of class with instructor permission.

Group Classes

Beginning Swingout - Tuesdays, September 26 - October 17, 2023


 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.  Both new dancers and lindyhoppers who are experienced but rusty will benefit from this basic class.  The iconic Swingout defines Lindy Hop; learn to use 8-count footwork, momentum and partner connection to execute this essential and dynamic move. Leads will learn how to impart the necessary rotational momentum so the followers will swing out to a one-handed open position.  Followers will learn to respond and interpret the lead, and be able to add some individual styling.


Beginning 6-Count Lindy - Tuesdays, September 26 - October 17, 2023


 7:00- 8:00 p.m.  Often called “jitterbug” and similar to East Coast Swing, this aspect of Lindy Hop is perhaps the easiest to learn.  6-Count Lindy Hop is not actually a separate dance, since Lindy footwork can be 6- or 8-count in a single tune, but it’s a great place to start to learn rhythms and simple turns.  If you already dance Lindy, maybe this is the time to learn the "opposite" role--followers can sign up to learn to lead, and leaders can learn to follow!

Private Lessons

Our primary swing dance instructors offer private lessons by request.   In addition, most of our workshop instructors offer privates when they are in town. If you would like to take private lessons please use the Contact Form.

Resources for Students

If you're a Hep Cats student, click here for additional class resources.

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