HepCat Classes

HepCat Classes

Tuesday Night Balboa Classes


New Hilo Hep Cats Balboa classes begin Tuesday, May 9 at Aloha Wellness Center, 239 Haili Street (corner of Haili and Kapiolani, across from St. Joseph’s Church.) Classes will run through June 20 (no class May 30).
Six week session for $35; discounts for multiple classes or if you bring a new student. $10 drop-in per class. No partner needed.

7:00 p.m. Balboa 2: Mike will introduce the essentials of Bal-Swing, including open moves such as Lollies. Students should have experience with pure Balboa.


Monday Night Swing Classes Mini-Session

Two-week Mini-Session July 15 & 22

6:30 p.m.:  Learn the Shim Sham!
This iconic jazz routine dates back to the early days of swing.  Like a line dance, it's danced solo...until the end, when you dance out the song with a partner.  The Shim Sham is used as a mixer worldwide, and is known and danced by lindyhoppers everywhere.  Shim Sham incorporates moves derived from tap dance and even showgirl routines, as well as jazz steps that we can use in our partner dancing.  You'll be able to join the gang shim-shamming at The Hilo Town Tavern!
7:30 p.m.:  Continuing 6-Count Lindy
This beginner-plus class will continue to explore new moves, methods of connection, timing, rhythm, and fun ways to interpret our favorite music.  Some background in partner dancing and familiarity with 6-count footwork is preferred, but new dancers are welcome (with the understanding that the class will not be focusing on the basics.)
Classes are at the Island Dance Academy, 27 Haili Street in downtown Hilo, across from the Palace Theatre.  No partner needed.  $10 per class per night; $15 if you take two classes (either both classes on a single night, or one of the classes on both nights).

Monday Swing Classes


Our regular 6-week session of Lindy Hop classes has just ended, but we'll be offering a few extra classes before taking a break until mid-October.

Mondays, Aug. 27 and Sept. 10, join the Hep Cats at Island Dance Academy, 27 Haili Street.  $10 per class per night.  Note:  no classes Labor Day weekend.

Intermediate Swing, 6:30-7:30.  Dancers must be confident in the swingout and should have some Balboa and Charleston experience.

Beginner-Plus Swing, 7:30-8:30. Enhancing moves in 6-count swing (similar to jitterbug and East Coast Swing.)  If you know rock-step, triple-step, triple-step, join us!

All classes are held at Island Dance Academy, 27 Haili Street, Hilo.
Contact: Andrea Gill, 808-959-8216, hilohepcats@gmail.com

Monday Swing Classes


Intermediate Lindy Hop (Lindy 3)--6:30-7:30
Beginning Lindy Hop (Lindy 2)--7:30-8:30

For those of you wanting to learn how to swing dance, a new session of Hep Cats classes will start on Monday, Nov. 7, with Lindy 3 (Intermediate Level) at 6:30 and Lindy 2 (beginning 8-count lindyhop) at 7:30.  No experience needed for Lindy 2, though background in 6-count swing (including East Coast and jitterbug) is helpful.  For Lindy 3, dancers should know the swingout, and some charleston experience is also recommended.
Classes will be at Island Dance Academy, 27 Haili Street, across from the Palace Theatre, and will run every Monday from Nov. 7 through Dec. 12.  A 6-week session is $45; drop-ins are $10 per class.  Get your 6-week session at half price if you sign up a friend who has never taken classes with the Hep Cats before for a full 6-week session!

Monday Swing Classes


Intermediate Lindy Hop--6:30-7:30
Beginning Lindy Hop--7:30-8:30

Please join the Hilo Hep Cats at our new 6-week series of lessons,starting Monday, 9/26 at Island Dance Academy, 27 Haili Street (across from the Palace Theatre in downtown Hilo.) The classes are:

Intermediate Lindy Hop, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Dancers should know the "swingout" as we will be working on rhythm variations, styling, musical interpretation and other aspects of 8-count Lindy Hop. We will also work on incorporating the Charleston moves taught in the last session.

Beginning Lindy Hop, 7:30-8:30 p.m. No dance experience necessary. An introduction to 6-count swing.

No partners needed; we rotate so everyone dances. A 6-week session is $45; get yours half-price if you register a friend (who has never danced with the Hep Cats before) for a 6-week session. Drop-in rate is $10 per class per night. The first class will definitely be held; we reserve the right to cancel after the first class if registration is not sufficient.



Monday Swing Classes 6-8pm

Hilo Hep Cats' new Lindy Hop classes start Jan. 17

Learn the original form of swing dancing, the Lindy Hop, with the Hilo Hep Cats!  6-week session starts Monday, Jan. 17, at Island Dance Academy, 17 Haili St., across from the Palace Theatre in downtown Hilo.  $45 for a 6-week session, or $10 drop-in. No partner needed! Bring a friend who has never taken a Hep Cats class before and get your own 6-week session at half price, if your friend also registers for a 6-week session.  Payment accepted at the door, but it's appreciated if you let Andie know that you intend to register (hilohepcats@gmail.com.) (Note:  Refunds are given only if classes are cancelled.)

Lindy 3 (Intermediate Swing):  6:00-7:00 p.m.   Dancers need to be comfortable with the 8-count swingout.  Focus on interpretation of the music and incorporating new Lindy moves as well as expressions from related dance styles to add variety and interest.

Lindy 1 (Beginning): 7:00-8:00 p.m.  For new dancers and those who wish to learn the fundamentals of swing, this class will introduce six-count Lindy, which is the origin of East Coast Swing, jitterbug, jive, and other popular styles.  Learn the basic footwork, easy turns for both partners, and how to communicate through connection with your partner.  No experience or partner necessary.

Monday Night Swing and FUNdamentals Classes


New Hilo Hep Cats classes begin Monday, May 8 at Aloha Wellness Center, 239 Haili Street (corner of Haili and Kapiolani, across from St. Joseph’s Church.) Classes will run through June 19 (no class on Memorial Day, May 29).

Six week session for $35; discounts for multiple classes or if you bring a new student. Drop-ins $10. No partner needed.

7:00 p.m. FUNdamental Dance Techniques: Angela and Mike will teach a variety of skills applicable to partnered social dancing in general and Lindy Hop in particular. Dancers of all levels and backgrounds are welcome—experienced dancers will be challenged to improve their technique while beginners will gain new insights.  There will be themes such as musicality, floorcraft, stealing games, creative movement, matching your partner, and more—the intent is to get you more comfortable and creative on the dance floor.  

8:00 p.m. Beginning 8 Count Lindy Hop: Learn the iconic move of Lindy Hop--the swingout--and other essential moves from Angela. Beginners are welcome; students who have taken 6-Count Lindy or another swing style (e.g., East Coast Swing) will have a head start.  

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